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Todd Wenzel - Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet
Todd Wenzel started playing trumpet at the age of 10 - more than 30 years ago. He has won several awards for outstanding musicianship, including the "Sousa Award" in High School. Although he went on to pursue Computer Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, he kept his trumpet close by, and continued to play in a myriad of community orchestras, community bands - including the Hartland Community Band, jazz bands, variety bands, and of course brass quintets (his favorite).

Todd is currently President of  Throughput Consulting, Inc. - A SaaS (Software as a Service) provider in the Metal Treating and Association Industries, and a business consultant specializing in implementing TOC (Theory Of Contraints). He lives in Delafield, Wisconsin with Jean Marie, his wife, who is an outstanding vocalist, and their two furry German Shepherd children.

When not keeping his "chops" in shape, Todd is either "coding", working on his custom built RV-8A airplane, flying, brewing beer or working off his "honey-do" list at home.


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